Thrifty Thursday: Baby Food

Thanks to google and bloghopping I saw this idea for my Miguel. So here, for Thrifty Thursday, I'm sharing with you my own version. Thanks Papercakes! :)

  1. peel
  2. slice
  3. steam
  4. blend (add water and a little salt)
  5. freeze (in ice cube tray)
  6. store in Ziploc bag (or pede man bisan ano plastic ah!)
  7. thaw (4 to 5 cubes/meal)
  8. serve!

satisfied consumer :) hehehe


Benjo said...

Have fed Migs myself on this. hehehe. and true, he was all smiles! :) I wonder what it tastes like? hehehe. tilawan nako unya.

My name is Anne said...

hehehe the best ang last photo. baw ang tonto ya ho.perte gid ang smile basta food.

mira said...

very true!i did it as well when niall was a was better than the store bought baby food.Thumbs up to clever yummy mommy!