Sabado Nights

My 3 boys are in the bedroom and I have no idea what they are doing at the moment. It's just unusual that they're so quiet. Hmmmn. But this post isn't about them.

It's about me. and my Saturday night date.

Im halfway in baking chocolate crinkles for my hijado Paul's birthday party tomorrow. I still got no mixer so I had to mix it by hand. My right arm ached. So I had to rest a while by surfing which led me here. Look what I found:

Who brought the gospel to you? Perhaps your parents taught you the faith from a young age. Or maybe you didn’t grow up in a Christian home and came to Christ by other means. However it happened, it was God who brought it to life in you—just as it is God who will compel you to keep the story going by proclaiming the gospel yourself.

Jesus is inviting each of us to give freely what we have freely received. This kind of giving isn’t necessarily about scraping together all your savings and giving them to a charitable organization. Though that can be a beautiful expression of Christian love, the giving Jesus calls us to is a whole lifestyle, one that is motivated by a heart of gratitude for all God has given to us. It’s a lifestyle that manifests itself in the small decisions of our days as well as in the major acts of generosity that we occasionally perform.

How can you give this Advent? How can you imitate the twelve and share the love of God with those around you? It could be as simple as being a joyful, quiet presence in your home. It could be through the witness of your patience at work or as you help out with a local charity. Perhaps you can best share the gospel with a friend by interceding for him or her. Whatever you do, look for the power of God to flow through you as you do it. Remember: You are freely giving something that you already have!

“Thank you, Jesus, for giving me so much more than I deserve. Help me to share that gift now with those around me. May this Advent be a time of deeper conversion for all of us.”

I thank god for speaking me so softly tonight. It is His intention to delay my having an electric mixer, so we can have a quiet date in a Saturday Night. Feel so loved by You Lord. I love You too.

Now I got to go back to baking :) Happy Sabado Nights Y'all! :)

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My name is Anne said...

holy interruption na no ang mixer wait hehe. damo pa holy interruptions sa aton life. almost everyday ara na sila.

namian man ko sang na hagilap mo. giving what we have. pareho sang christmas message gina ni cesar montano: kaya humingi sa yo nang tulong, dahil may ibibigay ka. perte no?? first ko kabati such insight about giving.