Thankful Tuesday: Baby Book

No matter how hard I tried to be so organized during our transfer here, with all the list and everything, I still missed one very significant thing. Miguel's Baby Book. I'm so embarrassed to admit it. Horrible... Baby Book? malimtan??? duh.

It took me 3 months to solve the problem.

Three months to be able to:

  • Ask my very good friends Ate Ludy, Maricor, Sweet to help me look for the book in one "jungle" room back there in our house. Jungle because all our other things are in there!
  • Ask them again and again, to look for it over and over...
  • Admit they couldn't find it (I really believe it's there) and just accept it.
  • Think of a solution to get the book since Doctors here won't continue the immunization without seeing the Baby Book signed by Miguel's pedia.
  • Finally think of a solution: ask Dra Villegas to make a new one.
  • Ask Maricor to ask it from Dra Villegas. Since we have the same pedia.
  • Ask my sis in law Bing2 to ask her boyfriend, Jason, to get it from Maricor and mail it to me.
  • To finally get hold of the "new" book...
Here it is. The precious Baby Book. This Tuesday, I WANT TO THANK YOU ALL, those mentioned above,for your efforts. I suuperrr appreciate it!!! :) and God of course. There's always a way.


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