Thankful Tuesday! Holy Interruptions.

Thank You Lord for the little and big blessings... and the blessings in disguise.

  • Career Leap. Truly God provides. God takes care of every detail in our life. The big. The small.
  • Uy family. I thank God for them. They make us feel so loved like true family.
  • Sewing. I want to continue my mother's legacy. Thank you Baby for the early Christmas present :)
  • Yoville. I'm thankful for the brief moments I spend with my siblings and friends in this cutey virtual world. And now the youngest Yovillian is born. My nephew Abe never ceases to amaze us.
  • Miguel and Kuya Taxx's cute interactions :)
  • Kuya Uji's songs. He's got a lot!
  • ym with Lola Mins.
  • the fun, the tears, and everything else of Mamang's 60th Birthday.
  • St. Anthony of Padua. So impressed and inspired with how they run everything. So organized, well planned. Last Sunday, Kuya and I attended the 'children's liturgy'. It inspired me a lot. Kuya thought it was a birthday party (lots of kids, candles on the advent wreath) he sang so loud I had to cover his mouth. lol! I'm wondering if we could get involve with the Parish. Just praying about it. God willing.
  • Match Point movie date with hubby. Here in our couch. Thank God the kids slept early that time. More please Lord!!! :)
  • Holy Interruptions. I honestly don't get it why until now, we got no househelp. There's always obstacle after another. But I decide to wait patiently. God provides. maybe God wants me to be really slim and sexy again hahaha! :) thank You Lord for Your interruptions. I obey.
  • Guidance of the Holy Spirit. Reminding me when I tend to forget.
  • God's love. 24/7. He is actually my number 1 fan. I love You Lord! :)


Benjo said...

I really love the term, Holy Interruptions. =)

Amen! Let us just trust God with His Plans for us. His Plans are always the Best! :)

bebang said...

kang Bo Sanchez na nga term :)

bebang said...

Si anne2 ni relay ana nga term nako yday hehhe :)

My name is Anne said...

HAHAHAHAHA perte nga tawa ko sa part nga uji super sing sa church HAHAHAHAHA ahay how i wish nabatian ko huhuhu hahahaha cute cute uji ay lintik sa pag ka cute hahahahahah imagine ko lang iya ap botdi hahahahaha

hayyyyyy praise be to God for the gift of simple heart.