Thankful Tuesday: Long Overdue Me-Time :)

Thank You Lord for the moment I had with myself last night. You let the boys and their Daddy sleep so early than the usual so I could finish chores and do all these...

1. make my button-framed whiteboard (for sale soon!)
2. bind some souvenir knick knacks I've collected when we first set foot here in Sg and stayed in Pan Pacific for a week (another thing to be thankful for! that was FREE! God's way of pampering us with His love)
3. clean and arrange my work table. see how neat! hehehe :)
4. organize my ribbons and embellishments rack.
... and while doing all those, i was able to:
5. clean and steam the bottles
6. do the laundry
7. cleaned the kitchen
8. arranged the house (mildly) to make it look somewhat neat :)

That was one awesome time I had. I was grinning and singing and praying the whole time hehehe... In fact, I'm still grinning until now :) :) :) I wish to have such gratifying moment with myself more often. Again, Thank you Lord!

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Benjo said...

Wow! That is super neat! Spic and span! I am glad that you had your Me time Baby while we were all snoring. hehehe.