Thankful Tuesday: 2009 Blessings

Dear God,

Thank You for all the blessings you will give me and my loved ones this 2009!


... of course, thank you for all that You gave last year. The top 5 greatest of them all are:
1. Love with hubby, kids, family and friends.
2. Miguel was born.
3. Kuya's achievements, skills, talents and milestones :)
4. My brother Jong jong's complete freedom.
5. Slimmer me! hehehe =)

...there are of course a million more but i want just to highlight the best 5 :) THANK YOU VERY MUCH FATHER!!! I SHOUT TO THE WORLD HOW GREAT YOU ARE!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE!!! I LOVE YOU TOO!!!!!!

1 comment:

Benjo said...

And those are just the Top 5. God is Really A Very Generous God!

To God be the Glory!

Thanks to Him for giving me a G and smart wife too!

Happy New Year, Baby. hehehe.