so in love

... with my Miguel.

And who wouldn't be? He is sooooooooooooo adorable. Funny. Sweet. Always a little gentleman who sweeps me out of my feet. It's really heaven to be smiled at by him especially with those 6 little teeth! GRRRrRRRrrr!

I just thank God for this baby of mine who never stops making me happy with his little antics:

  • claps his hands and dances when he hears happy tunes
  • waves bye bye
  • acts out with his hands when sang twinkle2 lilttle star
  • crawls very fast around the house
  • cruises along the furnitures
  • says "dadda daddy dadda" even to mommy (but i think i heard him say "my" today! not very sure though hehe)
  • giggles and plays with himself in the mirror
  • likes making friends
  • loves Kuya the most and Mommy and Daddy next.
These days I am busy preparing for his 1st birthday which we will celebrate with Kuya Reimar and Kuya Josh. Really looking forward to that day! Our thanksgiving day for God's bringing Baby Miggy to us all! :)


Iamquietheart said...

super cute nga bata. naga daku naga gwapo na gid. sunod sa mader kag sa pader. agree or dis-agree?

bebang said...

hi vian! thanks kau :) AGREE!!! heheheh :)