Thankful Tuesday: Chillax!

I thank You Lord ...

for the peaceful, quiet, family time with my hubby and sons.
for the realization of hubby's longing to do real photo shoot, undisturbed.
for the much-needed me-time with my magazine, fave food, and a pair of shades.
for Miguel's peaceful sleep amidst the beautiful sounds only nature can make.
for the clean rest room when Kuya needed to make number 2 (lol!)
for Kuya's joy in running around freely, seeing a number of airplanes, eating junk food
with Mommy.
for the extra pair of hands that help me, Manang Didang's hands.
for the $9 voucher we used in purchasing our snacks.
for the beautiful park we freely entered and spent the whole afternoon. yes, FREE.
for the realization again and again that in this life, the best things are most of the time free.

Thank You Lord!

rule-of-thirds King with his newest toy

Daddy's assistant

what a beauty! i can come here over and over...

Daddy's proud supporters


more photos here.


Iamquietheart said...

wow, ka romantic sang third pic ba. daw scene sa "The Notebook". na watch mo na ni nga movie?

the beyst gid ni.

bebang said...

Yes Vian kita ko na na movie nice gid :) thanks for always visiting my blog... hugsss!