Thrifty Thursday: make-your-own accessories

... and sell them! Yes I am selling these beautiful hair ornaments that are so in fashion now. And I can't wait to deliver my first batch to Woodlands Mart. I met a lovely lady there who has a fashion stall. This might just be one of my baby steps towards achieving a long time dream of having a scrapbooking/craft gift shop!

see these pretty blooms up close @ my shop

... meanwhile, I am a little anxious and excited inside over something not related to the flowers. Will tell you as soon as I am sure what it is :)


Iamquietheart said...

sa ini nga product, ikaw ang producer, ikaw man gyapon ang model. wow.

tuod ka gen, pwede ka da kabaligya? nami no.

bebang said...

hehehe amonana subong uso vian kay recession :) ti mabakal ka ahihihi :)

Wd said...

I think they are great.

Hope you do well!