• i thanked the Lord for loving me and for giving me another great day.
  • i watched Salamat Doc at TFC.
  • i posted at Kuya's blog about his reading the word clap, while clapping his hands saying "dap! dap! dap!" and the new speech therapy program we enrolled in.
  • i painted my toenails pink and i liked it.
  • i texted with Mamang and Papang about the polo shirts and the dress im requesting them to make for Mig's birthday :)
  • i painted my fingernails beige and i erased it. it's not yet possible right now.
  • i made a stripe napkin holders to hold the stripes table napkins.
  • i bleached our kitchen tiles. it didn't work. maybe ill try it again next time.
  • i washed the whites.
  • i cooked fresh pancit. we ate it for lunch and will bring some to Momi Ingrid's for dinner. hehehe.
  • i prepared the hair ornaments i will deliver to Woodlands Mart.
  • i prepared the chocolate fountain.
  • i sat down on this striped office chair.
  • i am typing
  • someone kissed me (mmmn shet kalami!)
  • i will stand up and prepare the kids for the photoshoot and swimming at the Duremdes' place.
  • we will drop by Woodlands Mart and buy limoncito for the pancit.
  • we will take the bus, and the train.
  • we will walk and pass by Little Guilen
  • we will enjoy swimming and the photoshoot.
  • i will chika with Momi Ingrid, Momi Marianne, Momi Evev :)
  • we will eat dinner and chika some more while the kids play.
  • we will all go home
  • i will thank the Lord for this great day! :)
  • that's all.


Benjo said...

I thank the Lord for blessing me such a gorgeous and awesome wife! :D

cathyne said...

i love reading this post bang :) makes me feel and enjoy every bits and pieces of life..take care always.

mira said...

you are inspiring....the way you take things so childlike yet profoundly makes sense.God bless gd!ari naman ko dri..kay la naman tawo to sa facebook!

bebang said...

@ Benjo, salamat sa imo pa kunswelo hehehe:) mwah! may bayad ini ahahah!

@cathyne: thanks Cath. im happy u dropped by again.. will check ur blog later u take care too!

@ Mira: hahaha korek katalaka ang facebook. tak an ko cge liwat2 sg layout. u inspire me too mamamira!