A Gift Friendship Series: Part One

I am serious when it comes to friendship. So far, I have had many disappointments. There are times I cry to my hubby over something most of you may just laugh at. But more than these occasional down times in my friendships, I am blessed to have real ones. Some are my friends from way way back the elementary days, some I just met.

Let me honor them. This is in no partucular order hehehe...

Friend no 1. She lives in Sawmill. She knows all about me. I believe 99.9% of me. When we were young. Still in elementary, I would run to her house to ask for toothpaste when we run out of it. I wash laundry with her in their laundry area. We used pump well then. We danced together to the tune of Regine Velasquez' Urong Sulong. Giggle about crushes. I was among the very first to know when she became a mother. She is the Ninang of my son. The last time we talked? A few days ago. Too bad she does not facebook though. I love this friend of mine. I will make sure she knows it.

Friends no 2. She lives in Wisconsin. She used to be my co teacher. We spent many times together. Mostly with food. We used to borrow money from each other. It was I who borrowed more. I love her being so cute and funny. She has her way of telling me my weaknesses without being harsh. I was with her the the first time I went to Boracay. She knows my embarassing secrets. She celebrates when Im victorious. Cries when I fail. I cried to her while I had miscarriage. She hates the people I hate. Hmmmn. Im not too sure. Basi gina pa lipay ya lng ko. hehehe. She watched Miguel's first solid food via webcam. She was supposed to be my maid of honor. But she was far away during that time. I learned later on she was actually in town that day. I hated her for that. I am the happiest when she got engaged. I miss her everytime I fight with hubby. We say I love u to each other in YM. Yes friends can be cheesy. The last time we talked?Yesterday.

Up next. Friend no. 3

To be continued....

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