nagging thoughts

I miss teaching. I really do. I miss teachers field trip (to tagaytay, boracay, etc). I miss receiving my paycheck. I miss co-teachers chika breaks. I miss nappping on the faculty room's reclining chair during my vacant periods, and being teased by Miss tuble. I miss being called "Ms. Badilla, Teacher Gen, Teacher Bebang." I miss LCC. I miss magsungay. I miss the flowers every teahers day. I miss the free meals when kids have cooking class! I miss the smiles, the hugs.

I have a different calling now. Being a mom (and a teacher too!) to my 2 boys. And being a wife to my GBG. If God wants me to continue my teaching profession, in His time, I don't know. Maybe when the kids are a little older. One thing I'm sure is, I want to be with them now. In their formative years. The temptation to earn dollars is always nagging me. It keeps coming back. But then again I have to convince myself to sacrifice a few more years. Anyway, I still get hugs (and more) every single minute of every single day and night. I must admit, those are a lot more valuable than the paychecks! Now i have to go get a few :) Ciao!

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Kimee said...

nice straying into your blog!

on battling homesickness, language barriers, and such: the DREAM is greater than all these! :)