my boys' hugs and kisses.
miguel's dancing to the tune of happy birthday.
kuya's saying "abpotdi uyu"
hubby at home. no work!
my 3 gifts!!!
my parents loving greetings (happy2 gd ko)
my father's blog about me hehehe
talking to parents. all 3 of them.
facebook and friendster greetings
i made meringue! first time!
BB and the bugoys loved the tuna carbonara
Celebration of the Word

I had a blast! It was I think the simplest birthday I had but it's one of my happiest. I had no party but it was one of my busiest --- pang reply sa mga messages. I'm far away from home but thanks to facebook, I felt close to my family =) I am a forever-taking-picture kind of person but it's so ironic I missed documenting the day like I used too. I just savored every moment of my special day without fuss. And I love it! I thank the Lord first of all for my life. For making it beautiful and at the same time challenging. My life is never perfect. But I praise God for making me a happy person. A very impatient person many a times but generally cheerful and happy. I thank God for the grace, the gift of faith. Second of all I thank my parents for rearing me to be the kind of person I am. Imperfect, but secured. Third of all I thank my hubby, for being there all the time, assuring me of his love. And being lovable too =)I thank him for the 3 gifts =) hehehe... I thank Rujim and Miguel for the hugs kisses, the cuteness, the amazing things they do everyday that make me speechless. I thank my siblings, my in-laws, my closest friends for making me feel special. Thanks to facebook and friendster for being the venue of my "cyber party" ... all the greetings reminded me again of some strengths I may have forgotten. Amo ni gali siguro ang purpose sang birthday no. To "refresh" or "reload" kun sa computer pa hehehe. I feel so loved. Ready to love. May God always guide and inspire me. Thank you so much Lord!!!

Promise, I'll post the very little photos on my next post =)


Anonymous said...

Knowing that you are a God fearing woman,Benjo is so lucky to have you , as his wife and mother to his children.

I wish you both to have more God fearing children....God Bless.

Have you heared City Harvest Chruch ? Is the name Pastor Kong ring a bell to you?

Welcome to the Rulona Clan !

gail said...

Belated happy birthday, Bebang!