me time :)

I love wednesdays. Hubby comes home very late (to have photoshoots with his flickr buddies). It's not that I don't want hubby to be home early. hehehe don't get me wrong. I love Wednesdays because it's our hobby day. So at this time of every week. The kids, are having their video marathon inside the bedroom with their Tita Mae, while I'm here outside in my work area, listening to my favorite playlist, doing some me-time activities. May it be blogging like what I do now, fb-ing, or scrapping!

I feel very peaceful and happy now. Im very proud of myself. Today is one of the most productive days of my life. I feel like a winner! I ticked quite a number of items in my daily planner. It just feels great. I give all the glory to God for giving me the grace to the things I did today. I pray for continued empowerment Lord! Thank you for your everlasting love!

I have to go finish the layout I have in mind, before hubby arrives, and before my boys get tired of barney :) ciao!

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Benjo said...

We really need Me-time once a week. hehehe. I honor you for all your great and creative works! You really make awesome works as long as you love doing it.