i decided for a lovely monday

And I think I got it.

hub's sandwich and lunch box
belly dance
usual routine with boys...
problems... challenges... mother is sick in the Philippines... etc...
irritated with FB's annoying home wall changes...
decided not to FB. instead I replied to my personal emails. and twittered.
boys long nap
chat with sister. serious chat.
anxious but hopeful. trusting. praying. everything is fine. God is in charge.
surfing inchies
did my first inchies
15 min walk
play with boys
play with boys
video taking with migs.. he reads alphabets! and puts each letter in a puzzle board. great job Migs!
blogging (now) while waiting for hubby to finish his tv patrol so we can go walking again with the boys(i dont like watching bad news for now... maybe am having PMS)
I think the remaining few hours of this day will just be fine.. I think It's really gonna be a lovely Monday. It is a lovely Monday. I decide.

by the way, here's my first batch of inchies =)


Benjo said...

Wow! Beautiful inchies! That is really a challenge and a test of patience. hehehe. i honor for all those wonderful achievements especially on a Monday! Whew! =)

Benjo said...
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