trick or treat!

Happy Halloween!

This year the boys are Captain K and Captain B (which stands for their funny nicknames given by Tita Bing). Until now I grin from ear to ear imagining my adorable superheroes going from house to house claiming their sweets! I couldn't take my eyes off them both. So cute!!! There were a few who took a picture of them! Kuya was shy most of the time but eventually he realized it was great to have all these chocolates, lollipops, and candies! Miguel wouldn't give me his pail and was so willing to walk by himself! hahaha! I am so happy they had so much fun! Although we didn't finish all the houses coz, first, it was drizzling, second, we needed to go in time for the Eucharist and All Saints Day Agape with our NC Way community. But that was fine enough!

{more photos HERE}

Although last year's halloween was special since it was Miguel's first, this year is I think much more special because It was FIRST for the four of us to experience trick or treatin'! Can you believe it? Thank you so much Momi Tin, Pinsan Nomer and Uriel for inviting us! It was truly a very memorable experience! We hope to join again next year. By then I hope I can wear Darna costume? hahahaha! joke!

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Benjo said...

A deafening "YES"! it was really a beautiful and wonderful experience for the whole family...and to think we were having second thoughts of going to the streets because of the thick gray clouds hovering over indicating that rain was coming! A great quality time spent with the family. Thanks, Nomer, Tin2x and Uriel! Til next year!

I also honor you BB for the very creative costumes you made for the boys! They are so cute and so hilarious! =) Love the food you and Momi Tintin prepared as well. :D

Next year, with you as Darna, I will do the Machete, can you beat that? hehehe.