vegas trip... good or bad?

BAD!!! Well, not for him (definitely not since I believe he had so much time photo shooting, playing with his bosses, and watching jubilee) but for meeeee! Hubby made a promise to bring home some scrapbooking stuff (clear stamps!!!) but did otherwise :( was so sad I couldn't even look at him. But after days of feeling blue, I finally got my wish...

bought some delicious stuff from my latest fave store
some alphas, clear stamps, ink, block, and clear stamp cleaner!

and I was made to pick a candy from a
pumpkin with a sticker on it that said: FREE GIFT!

my free gift: a sugar coating glitter from doodlebug! Sweet!

Now what? I called BB and thanked him for these treat
and asked for a don't-disturb-me evening and scrapped the night away
using my new clear stamps!
Here's my page:

Acknowledgment: Thank you so much Baby! Everything happens for a reason. I no longer feel bad why I got shirts (instead of what u promised) for a pasalubong, in fact, I think it's even better that you just give me a gift voucher every time (hahaha!) so that I get to choose what I really want. Dili paka ma hassle. What do you think? PATI AH JOKE LANG!!! lurve yuh!!!

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Benjo said...

Hehehehe.... Thanks for giving me an idea of what I am going to give you next, BB. Basta ikaw palangga gyud. hehehe. Beautiful work on your first use of the stamps. :D