what's your typical day?

Here's mine:
  • wake up
  • prepare Baby's breakfast, which is a sandwich (I always try to make the best one coz I love it when he message me and tell me "yummy burger! yummier than burger king!" hehehe), prepare his lunchbox
  • eat while reading the paper and/or cleaning up inbox.... including FB =)
  • daily planner
  • babath da boys
  • belly dance/pilates (yep! I'm in my 3rd week now of daily (except Sunday) exercise! clap! clap!
  • FB =)
  • shower
  • prayer time
  • playroom with Kuya... (home program)
  • play with Migs
  • lunch (sometimes FB and blogging while having lunch like right now hehehe)
  • nap time with bugoys ... constantly hoping they nap longer for the next item which is...
  • SCRAPPING!!! (if I get lucky)
  • FB =)
  • snack time/tv time with bugoys
  • prep dinner
  • walking
  • FB =)
  • watch nursery rhymes with bugoys/ bedtime stories... (I'm just starting this one)
  • sleep
Of course it isn't always like that 100% There are crazy days too. But it's okey. That's what you call life! But wait...I have noticed something... How come there's a lot of FB in it? Am I an addict? Well, who isn't? lol

To all FB addicts out there... here's for you... (I've been scrapping more so I spend less time FBing...hehehe)

This page says so much about my life with my Rujim.
(I just copied the paper tape pleats technique from a magazine :)

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