cake for lolamamang!

For Lolamamang's birthday, I made a half recipe of my orange chiffon cake with butter cream icing! Too bad BB was at work so pardon me for the not-so-fab photos. I used my cam and I think I didn't adjust the settings too well (was in a hurry yesterday for Word Celebration). But anyways, we had fun (and extra calories) with the cake. I finished 2 slices and felt guilty after hehehe.

Here's your cake Mader dear! I hope you had a blast yesterday.... wish we were there to celebrate with you. We miss you all!

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Benjo said...

Priceless pics! I love those funny pics! Kuya's pic is top notch!

Priceless cake as well! I am enjoying it now! Whew! So delicious and yummy I can eat a whole one without feeling guilty.

Happy birthday mamang! Hope you had a great time! Unsa regalo ni Papang sa imo? hehehe.