great news!!!

Im so happy today! Just got home from strolling with my Baby Miguel.. we also went to the supermarket to buy some fish and more. The day started so well. Was singing praises to God while breathing the fresh Singapore air. I thought the day couldn't be better... until I opened my facebook and saw the Minyononline post abour Father Sinnot! He is free! SO HAPPY!
"After one month of captivity, Irish priest Father Michael Sinnot, has been released by his captors early Thursday morning in Zamboanga City, the military said."
Father Michael is an Irish priest who turns 80 in December, and has been based in the Philippines since 1976. He has been running a school for children with hearing difficulties for the last four years. I don't personally know Father Michael. But my sister, Anne, works for Misyon. A mission awareness magazine, sponsored and published by the Missionary Society of St Columban. It gave me the chance to meet some of these very cool "bisaya" speaking priests. One is Father Sean with whom my hubby and I had our sacrament of penance the night before our wedding (and we're so honored because he came to our wedding too!) I also cannot forget Father Martin of Cebu. I also want to make mention Father Niall O'Brien, for me he is a hero. I love all Columban priests. I honor them for the work they have been doing in our country, Philippines.

I have been praying for Father Michael since the day he was captured. It just feels liberating to hear about his freedom. Thank you so much Lord! Your love is everlasting!

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Benjo said...

Praise be to God for Father Michael's safety! =)