Mothers' Room in Forum

Just got home from Orchard!
And I'm feeling so thankful!
It's Thankful Tuesday once again! =)

It's always exciting to wake up on a Tuesday morning because I know how the boys love the activities we do at this time of the week :) I thank the Lord for Tuesdays! and the many little and big blessings that come with it.
  • waking up, telling the boys "Today is Tuesday! We are going to Orchard!"
  • smiles on Kuya's face when I tell him: "We are seeing Teacher Agnes!"
  • smiles on Miggy's face when he sees nice shirts being prepared by Mommy. It means we're going out! yay!
  • train rides
  • long stroller rides
  • calories burned coz of those long stroller rides!
  • passing by borders and get the chance to see book sales! (today I got one cute and useful diet book at only $2.50! and one kids cake-making book at half the price!)
  • Hearing positive and encouraging comments from Kuya's speech pathologist! Today was the bestest of all! Kuya is very good and is getting there! Thank You Lord!
  • Seeing the therapy and being able to take notes, brainstorm for my activities with Kuya (and Miguel too!) for the following days of the week.
  • Taking photos of me with my happy bugoys.
  • The joy shared with hubby as I tell him mini stories throughout the day.
Two more reasons to be thankful today: one, I was able to do my belly dance exercise despite the fact that we had to go as early as 9:30! (Wow disciplined!) and two, the cozy moment with Migs at newly renovated 'Mother's Room' at Forum where we usually rest, to nurse him, while Kuya makes wewe :) I already loved the previous room. It was already nice. I think we also took pictures in there. But I really smiled from ear to ear seeing the new room. As a mom, I felt loved. I believe it's God's way of telling me He loves me and He is with me in my struggles, fears in taking care of my little ones. I appreciate the mall's efforts to give importance to Moms (and baby's) needs. I felt like a queen sitting inside that nice room with my prince Miguel! (Kuya didn't want to get inside. Maybe he thinks he's too big to be in a m0m's room. lol) See our photos earlier today!


Most importantly, Tuesday is the day for our Word Celebration with NC Way community. I always feel nourished and inspired by the scriptures and the sharings. Knowing and be reminded of God's great love gives me and hubby strength in facing life's challenges everyday. Even on Tuesdays! :)


Benjo said...

I love it! I feel so delighted to know that my family was having a great time today despite my stressful day at work. =) For me, this is all that matters. Thanks be to God! =)

bebang said...

Thank you BB. I love you.

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