Thankful Tuesday: Loving Bugoys

I thank You Lord for blessing us with these treasures,
Kuya and Baby Migs.
I thank You that they both love each other so much.
I thank You for the joy they give us every minute of every single day.
I thank You for the hugs and kisses.
I thank You for the laughters and the tears.
I thank You for bringing us so much closer to You because of them.
I thank You for being a loving God!

{The photo was taken during Baby Miguel's 1st birthday}


Benjo said...

Beautiful piece of creative work, Baby worthy to be displayed on the wall. =) Feel the intensity of love of Uji's photo and you have amplified it further on your masterpiece. :D

meowiefotografie said...

okay after eons of silence the cat has wandered and as usual it will come back to fuss and ruffle its hair and purrrrrrrrr... am slowly creeping myself back to blogging..enuff of my speech.ahahh sooooo therefore i must say..great job mama bebs! its good to be back!

bebang said...

thank u BB and meming... the kuring i super duper missed. indi ko ma deny nga love ta ka bisan ugot2 ko kun gina abot ka sang imo katok heheh.. hugs...