victorious weekend!

... bacause Pacman won! yehey! It was really fun watching with BB, Kuya Ed and Din. What an awesome fight that was! I was rolling on floor laughing at BB's (literally) cold feet! lol! I miss my father... i just love watching boxing with him coz his excitement is too contagious!!!

...because eventhough I missed one scrapbooking event, a friend came to visit! Min, thank you for the brief but quality bonding with our kids. It's my turn next time :)

... because my 3 heroes, slept at one time on a Sunday afternoon which gave me time to do an experiment: leaftover cereal (that I've been setting aside, coz the bugoys don't like it. I don't like it either), 2 eggs, flour, sugar, vanilla, butter... bake for 2 mins) EASY! :)

... because the experiment was successful! yehey! BB even asked me to spare some for his baon today :)

... because we heard mass, and I loved the choir's oh so lively music.

... because after a great weekend, I am now ready to face this week's challenges... and VICTORIES! Thank You Lord for everything. May YOUR NAME BE GLORIFIED!!!


minnho said...

Thank you for welcoming me! Actually I prefer spend longer but still quality. Plan some more time next time with us! Thank you for everything. Love you, guys!

Benjo said...

Pacman rules! Yeah, we really had a great weekend! More to come! =)