which is which

pacman-cotto fight? or made with love 6th bday party? aaaaarrrrrghhhhhhhh! so difficult. but in the end, pacman always wins so here i am, (in my 'las vegas' shirt!) with BB, Kuya Ed, Din, Mae, and my bugoys... anticipating another victory! GO MANNY GO!

trivia: i once won from pare odick a huge pack of prokids diapers betting for manny. was pregnant then with my first bugoy :) hehehe!

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Benjo said...

Hahahaha! Yup, I can vividly remember that! I have not heard from Bro Odick for awhile. We might give him a call and asked him for two bags of diapers with this latest Pacman win over Cotto. hehehe! Whew!