Batam Indonesia --- NC Way Yearly Convivence

I'm the kind of person who loves to write down the small and big blessings that I receive. I have daily list, monthly list, yearly list! I have a collection of notebooks full of 'God's love'. Funny isn't it? But it's my way of remembering how loved I am by God. I have a very bad (if not worst) memory. So I need a 'hard copy' of my life. Good and bad. So if times get rough, I browse my 'files' of blessings. And you know what happens =)

One of the great blessings I and hubby received last month, November, was being given the chance (great BIG privilege along with Ben and Teresa) to represent our NC Way - St. Anthony community for a yearly convivence at Batam, Indonesia for responsibles and co-responsibles. Of course our two boys and Mae had to go too! So it's a retreat and a family getaway at the same time! I can't stop thanking God for the experience. It was a life changing event. I felt I became closer to our responsibles, and other brothers and sisters from other communities all over Singapore. I and hubby have never been this excited to be in our community. Those who gut-level-know-me can tell how I detested our community months ago for some reason I choose not to discuss. I thank God for it now! =)

On a personal level, I had an awesome experience in terms of discernment. We were taught how to do the 'scrutiny'. It's amazing how each of the 60+ of us had different interpretation of the very same verse. We felt God really talked to us face to face on the area of 'family' and 'kids'. My doubts about whether or not we have another baby are somehow gone (EEEEeeee!!! I'm still a bit nervous!!!). We continue to pray pray pray for this!

There are so much more I want to tell about our trip (I gained 2 kg, I'm inspired playing the guitar, we felt like millionaires spending in Indonesia as a $7 toy costs 50,000 rupiah lol, my bugoys were so happy, etc... etc..) but Im not gonna bore you with the details. I'll just post more photos, oks? Besides, hubby's gonna arrive any minute...Thanks for reading. Remember, God is your no 1 fan! =)

P.S. Thank you my brothers and sisters in St. Anthony for all your help! Thank you BB for this nice photos! Thank you Mae for looking after K and B while we had sessions. Thank you God for everything!


minnho said...

Thank you for posting. I feel happy for you and your family too. You are happy because you always have God beside you, knowing what you are doing and leading the way you go and never having the feeling of getting lost.
I want to be like you and inspired by you, my dear friend.


bebang said...

Thak you my friend. Your comment makes me happy! I feel so blessed to have found a friend like you. YOu also inspire me in many aspects... you're a great mom, you're sexy and hot... humble and down-to-earth.

yes im working on my goal, alhouth it gets harder and harder to achieve =( but im not quitting. Doubling my efforts in exercise and diet now... hehehe...