Gift of Friendship Series: Jing

She's been one of my best friends, almost sister, eversince college days. She became my classmate, then she also became my SFC household member, we even became co-teachers in LCC. Eventually, we became neighbors! More importantly, we are officially related now after she married a close relative of mine! Is it destiny? hehehe. There are a million things I want to share about our friendship. But since I already spent a sleepless night creating this page for her, let me just enumerate a few:
  • She is inta.
  • She is the Ninang of my son Rujim.
  • She was my ever helpful liturgy coordinator during our wedding and she did an awesome job!
  • She is always there when I need her. Period.
  • She bakes heavenly. I got my all-original brownies recipe from her but I wonder whether she gave me the exact one because when I tried it's just ok while her brownies will just make you forget there's Calea! gosh lipay ang murat!
  • She cooks so well I envy her. I actually hate her. hahaha! peace :)
  • Maybe she hates me too that's why she makes me very fat everytime I come home to Bacolod by giving me all those foodies and pastries she prepares nonstop! And she comes to our doorstep any minute of the day to feed me! And guess what, she does it mostly every after I'd already have dinner. See how mean???
  • Kidding aside, I love her to bits and I believe she feels the same way towards me (nalatnan na ko ininta! Waaaaaaaa!).
  • I thank the Lord for blessing her lately with God's best gift: Baby Oreo. I feel guilty for not being there to support her in this very challenging chapter but to make it up, here's a layout just for her....

In this page, I like how the colors yellow + black + white turned out.

My forever favorite: ribbons and white-inked pen!

I Used clear stamps for the swirls, white ink for scallops, created little hearts using my paper stash and heart puncher and inked the edges a bit. For a tiny accent, I used a peridot heart shaped beads :)

Murat, birthday gift kag baby shower gift ko na ni sa imo ha? hehehe Miss you miga. See you soon Mwah! :) btw, amo lng na nakita ko nga pic ta :( the rest indi clear .... nan kay kada kitanay ubra ta kaun indi gani tabi. Bawi pics next time! Mwah! :)


Benjo said...

Feel the love and friendship on this beautiful work of yours! Real friends are hard to find nowadays so let us better keep those few that we have found. :D

IanMama said...

Hear hear! Indeed, I am truly envious of you! ;)

bebang said...

@ BB: thank you! and thank you for being my bestest friend :):):)

@ IanMama: Thank you for dropping by my page... I clicked on your blog too but I didnt see a post.... hope to read from you soon!