it happened!

Long have I wished, wanted, hoped, prayed, planned for this to happen. And it happened! Scrapbooking class for kids! Hurray!

I would like to thank my ever supportive friends Margie, and Didi for cheering me on this endeavor (And for Mare Cathy and Pare Noy, for the dinner and swimming party that followed after our scrapping that day! So generous of them to serve us the yummy burrito and pizza!) Im so grateful. And congratulations to Marissa, Gae, Fiona (and Marsha!) for being my very first students! And excellent young students at that. I find their journaling cute and so loving.

I'm so happy! I'm doing the things I really love: teaching and crafting. I earn a little bit too :) plus more importantly, there's this fulfillment of doing something for the kids, helping them to develop their creativity while having fun at the same time :)

The next class will be this Sunday in Sea View, East Coast. My good friend Min organized an exclusive scrapbooking party for her daughter's friends. I'm going there with hubby and our kids so maybe we can go swimming after the scrapping :) How great is that! Thank you Min!


Benjo said...

Congratulations, BB! What matters most is that you are having fun as well! Keep it up! If you need anything from me, just let me know nyahahaha... =)

bebang said...

Thank you Baby! I need a scalloped circles and square dies from sizzix! now na. hehehehhehe tsup tsup!

Brainybairn said...

Yay! Great that you can combine your loves! You guys look like you are having fun!!

BTW, the punch was from Laines - I had to wait many many shipments to get my hands on it! It's from Martha Stewart Craft. HTH!

bebang said...

Thank you Avina! :) so nice of you to visit my blog! :)