it's a fine day

My way of deciding to have a good day despite having otherwise. A very simple, really fast less-than-30-min page. Inspired by Dear Lizzy's challenge in pp. 36 of her book.

See my smiles now? :):):)

Mr. Sun is handpainted (just added some DoodleBug Sugar Coating). Kabalo man ko gali hahaha!

Here, another first try: stitching!

Dear Benjo, Rujim Paul and Miguel,
There are days when I wake up in the wrong side of our crowded queen bed (which reminds me, K and B, you munchkins should really transfer to your own beds!) but constanly, because of the three of you, who love me unconditionally, it just ends perfectly fine.

Yes, even if our bed is already quite small for the four of us :)

The Beautiful Mommy in the house.

P.S. Thank you for making me smile. For your hugs and kisses. For making me feel I'm the best in the world. XOXO.


Benjo said...

WWWWOOOOOWWWWW!!! So many firsts in this beautiful creation of yours! Love how you lovingly compose the journaling. That sunshine reminds me of our favorite song that was in the tape of love songs that you gave me as a gift, "Sunshine through my window, that's what you are, my shining star!". :D hehehee. Very original for you, BB! :D

bebang said...

... making me feel im on top of the world... hehehe love that song.... date ... date... date....