joyfully busy

I'm glad Kuya joins his classmates during music and movement/ circle time now. After three weeks of adjustment. He really acts like a big boy now :) so very Kuya (elder brother).

The little Miguel on the other hand seems to know it's going to be his birthday soon. He's gonna be two in less than a month's time. For all moms out there you already know what it means. Capital "T" days are jut around the corner... In my case, I think it's already here haha! That explains my not being "daily" in posting lately. He just doesn't want to see me near my laptop! He would drag me away as much as if he could! He'd say, "sleep" or "help" or just whine till he'd get what he wants! But he's too adorable to resist. So most if not all the time, he wins.

And now that he's asleep, I also need to sleep. It's an hour past midnight and I need to wake up early tomorrow for a parents meeting at Kuya's school.

But before I say goodnight, let me share with you some random images of what has been keeping me busy (and happy!) lately. Some concrete reminder of God's kindness, generosity, sweetness and love. For all of you, His instruments, you know who you are, I thank you very much :)

Someone's calling me now. Blogging duty stops for the mean time here, Mommy/Wifey duty continues.

Goodnight and be safe everyone :)

Kuya gets home from school

Starbucks date :)


goodies! goodies!

scrapping with young girls! love love love them!


Benjo said...

God's generosity is really pouring upon us to the brim. :) thank you Lord for all your blessings and that includes everything that we overlook. :) really had fun with our coffee date and also when we listened to love songs at midnight. :)

Blue Banana said...

Yummy yummy goodies ... *drooling*