friendly friday

Yesterday was both good and bad. Good because I had a date with a great friend Min. We had lunch with my kids. Exchanged some little presents (She said she gave not the cookie but what's written in the tin packaging:)

But it was bad because she told me they're going back to Japan. I'm gonna miss her :(

Meanwhile, I'm deeply touched by what I read this morning from the "Upper Room".

Read on...

"Each of us should please his neighbor for his good, to build him up."
- Romans 15:2 (NIV)

I have tried to grow roses in my yard; but as the roses get their first blooms, the neighborhood deer strip them down to twigs. This year I decided to transplant the roses into pots on my deck, away from certain destruction. By the time I finished uprooting and repotting the plants, my arms were covered with painful scratches. But it was worth the effort, knowing that I could look forward to beautiful flowers.

Moving my plants made me thankful that God plants me where I can bloom, even though I can be prickly and unlovable. Loving the people who rub me the wrong way - prickly people - is an effort for me. Befriending people is easier when they think the same way I do, like the same things I like, and reciprocate my offerings of friendship. But scripture says, "Love your neighbor as yourself" (Luke 10:27), which includes my prickly neighbors, too.

The parable of the Good Samaritan gives me an example to follow. The Samaritan was not intending to become the wounded man's best friend, but he took care of the man's needs. Prickly people may never be my best friends, but I can do all I can to help them bloom. And when I am being prickly, I hope people will direct me to areas where I can bloom. Some of the most beautiful gardens are those with a variety of flowers."

Prayer: Lord, help us to see people through your eyes and to reach out to them unselfishly. Amen.

God loves all of us prickly people and asks us to do the same for one another.

-- Caroleah Johnson (California, USA)

PRAYER FOCUS:Those Needing A Friend


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Benjo said...

Very timely... :D Nice reflection, I was guilty too. :D It is difficult to love those prickly people, but there is no harm in trying. :D