It's been a lazy Friday around here. I didn't make any layout. Just spent much time with my boys, especially Miguel while Kuya was in school this morning. You should hear our alphabet song :) It's out now... in FB hahaha! Couldn't believe hubby played it the office and let his colleagues (including his boss!) listen to it! Super proud Daddy! hehehe

So what do we have here....

Chinese New Year "love letter-cookie" jar turned bead jar!

A little gift for Mona :) I stamped her name on a vintage paper, and adhered it to my bag's key chain. Nalingaw sya :) Thank you also for the magazine Moningskie! Daghan na ko utang nimo jud!

And my happy book! This is my anything-that-I-wanna-scrapbook-but-don't-have-time-yet-so-keep-it-here-till-i-get-the-time-and-the-inspiration book. And then I won't ever ever get that time so this becomes the scrapbook that I wanna make... Am I making any sense? lol

I can't wait for tomorrow, hubby promised to go with me to my LSS after his basketball game :) Thank you BB!


Benjo said...

Rain or shine, let's go. =) After going to LSS, will treat you for some coffee at Starbucks. =) Ilis na. :D

Blue Banana said...

Oh wow! I definitely wish to have a inspiration book like yours! Loving all the layerings! Keep those creations coming!

bebang said...

@baby: thank you sosooo much for the Plaza Singapura time with our bugoys :)

@blue banana, the beautiful irene: you just dont know how happy i become everytime i see your name in the comment box! thank you! :)