time for coffee...

...and the good things!
  • listening to God's 'word' last night, and being reminded to live like a child. Hubby's sharing touched me much and spoke to me about the thing that's been bugging me. Like a child, I should be trusting and dependent on God, my Father.
  • new sandwich maker from Teresa. It's fun to make different kinds of sandwiches for BB's baun every morning =)
  • phone calls from friends... Maggie and Min called me today. Isn't it great. Will have a date with Min tom =)
  • stumbling upon this line: "butterflies don't count months, but moments" which again enlightened me and made me glad I played, showered, ate, sang, laughed with Migs earlier today while his Kuya was in school. I realized we are having "our moments" these days. Just like when it was only me and Kuya years ago. I also noticed I've been taking lots of photos and videos of him lately. He won't be able to tell me: "Mom, how come Kuya has a million photos and I only got very few?" hahaha!
  • starting my two peas in a bucket gallery.
  • texting with my cousin Joanne.
  • praying the "palm" prayer while Mig's was beside me watching Baby Einstein.
  • ym from hubby saying he got a "blind side" movie and we will watch it tonight! yey! :)
  • making and sharing with you these 3 quick and easy things...

For this coming sunday's kids class, I made name tags using my stash: stickers, currogated cardstock, glitter pens, and sizzix "daisies" texturing plate. Quick and so easy!

Express card for Annie! I used stamping and doodling! and some little silver ribbons.

Bedroom slippers! The slippers are actually from Daiso. I just added the flowers using my sizzix "daisies" dies + needle + thread + love :) check out the rest of the designs here! :


Benjo said...

Wow! While reading this blog of yours, it reminds me that there are really lots of blessings that God showers us everyday that we tend to overlook because we are just too busy to realize them. Thank you, Lord and forgive me for being insensitive. hehehe. Wow! Looks like everything is ready for this weekend's workshop of yours! The name tags are so superb! =) Your scrapbook works are really evolving, BB, as time goes by! :D Keep it up! :D

Margaret UY said...

OMG! I super love the card bang... I have to agree with Benjo, ur work is evolving and improving exponentially, Now at a different level....congrats! And thank you for the inspiration leading me to start my own... Just want to remind you that I'm a friend u may not see often but u know will always be there... Ur one of the many countless blessings I have. I hope I'm one of urs. :-)

salme said...

really love your Sissix projects! :)