mixed thoughts...

house transfer...
our house in Cebu
dreaming of having our own house in SG.
Miguel, Josh, Reimar and Mikoy's birthday party
birthday invites
Cathy's gift boxes
Cathy's bookmarks
seminar this afternoon
LBC boxes
boxes for transfer
saying bye to my own scrap area
preparing the boys for the transfer
teachers house visit this Friday
Saturday scrapmeet
not knowing how to get to the scrapmeet venue
nice invite for the scrapmeet
excitement for the scrapmeet
excitement for having our own house in two years time
having a baby
vacation in the Philippines
arts and crafts business
feeling ambitious yet hopeful
grateful to people who show concern and help
deciding not to doubt...
believe in goodness
choosing the narrow path
at peace
letting go
letting God.

"I can do all things through Christ who strenghtens me."


Jeannevev said...

i like the inner power you have! i am inspired!

Edleen said...

i like your post today :) hope you're doing well and have a good week!

bebang said...

Thank you MOmi Evev. Im happy i have inspired you. You also inspire me in many ways. You just dont know... kitakits soon.

Edleen, thank you so much for dropping by my blog. It's truly an honor... and i hope you also had a good week! :)