That's what we are. At least for today. haha.

I woke up today feeling very tired and still sleepy (slept at about 4am after another chika-filled scrapping bonding with Maggie!). Had it not been for K & B's persistent wake-mommy-up tactics, I still would be sleeping till now. But here I am... groggy, but happy we're spending a lazy day at home, or rather room :)

Thank you again and again Maggie and Sherwin for making us feel welcome, just like we're part of the family. Though we are just renting one room, they make us feel like we live in a home (wow I made a rhyme lol). I love it here. Our little kingdom. A room in a home... a home in a room...

my little white corner :)

the cabinet at the left are our clothes, those blue boxes hold some of the toys, the open shelves at the right are my scrapping supplies :):):)

close up of my fabrics! and a jar of beads (thinking of making fabric jewelries one of these days)
thank you Mamang for most of it were sent by her :)

the right side of my mini-office are the tv, Sizzix supplies, more toys (in those white boxes) and some other hidden knick knacks

no matter how small the space is, there's always a room for this frame :) love love love! :)

and this gift that says: "Friends are like flowers. They give pleasure just by being there". Reminds me of buying some buds for a tiny vase to be put at the altar... and reminds me too of my friend who gave this gift. I miss you Min.

and here's where we sleep.. I love the windows, the tress outside...the fresh, clean air... and most of all I love that little 'pungot' one sleeping on that bed!

the books, and the most important of all the books is at the top of the shelves --- our Bible in our mini altar.

That's our home! With very few just-the-important-basic-things but overflowing with God's love :) Thanks for looking! Now it's time for lunch! Have a happy weekend! Mwah!

OPpps... just a little bit something more... it was such a lovely sight this morning when hubby taught K biking :) makes me love him more (pardon me for being too mushy. I guess that's how it is when someone lacks sleep lol).

I've got to go na. Really.

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