more scrapping class photos...

Here's another batch of photos of one of my previous classes. These were taken at East Coast. The girls had the best time! :) Sigh... these photos make me miss my friend Min :(  She's the one who organized this class for me. 

I really hope I'd be able to see these little ladies again soon! :)

I wanted to share more about the little sweet victories I received today but I badly need to meet with hubby somewhere now. We have a date with God at St. Anthony Church.  Here's wishing everyone a peaceful week ahead!


Margaret UY said...

pretty pretty students! just like the teacher... hehehe. dont forget me when ur sweet little victories became HUGE! I can see it coming. It'll be flood after the rain! Congratulations!

Benjo said...

I miss the family too. Good friends like them that are confident with themselves and comfortable to be with, are so rare to find nowadays. But I believe we will still be seeing them soon. :D

Congratulations! God has really given you alot of affirmations! :D I am just here to support you, BB all the way. =)