dirty but fun :)

Saw this post while grocery shopping (queueing) with hubby, and I immediately fell in love with the notebook prize! Hurried home.... looked for an already-printed photo ... made a quick LO!

This one goes to my F.E.C. (fire exit club) friends.. We aren't complete here in this pic. It's the only one I have with some of the members Jules, Dee, Anne, Che2 and me... And There's one guest member: Benjo haha! Why fire exit? It's a looong and beautiful story... maybe I'll post about it one day, but now, let me just share with you my "graffiti inspired", dirty but fun page :)

...i just love cosmo cricket chipboard alphas and embellies!

... getting dirty with paint is super fun! bought 2 colors of MM paints again yesterday.... I used to just envy my siblings and father when they paint. I can't believe I'm loving it now =)

... I misted all over the page... and all over our faces lol! click the photo to zoom and see our blue-misted faces hahaha!

Oh, by the way, I got the notebook :):):) Thank you SASG!

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Benjo said...

Really amazed how you can do a great layout at a lightning speed! :D Looks like you are doing your stuffs like this as natural as breathing! Whew! Congrats on the new notebook, BB. :D