a million times and two?

I did it again. I promised in my last post that I'll share about our previous weekend ... and then I got lazy to blog.... Soweeee haaa! *Miguel's accent* and now I wanna share about something else...FATHERS DAY! :)

The title says a million times and two. I don't think that's enough thank you's to God for these two fathers I want to honor today...

I thank God for His great love for me, for making me a daughter to my Papang. A father any daughter would wish to have. Wise, thoughtful, very talented and intelligent, super positive, happy, so trusting and supportive of his children, and always faithful to God. I'm forever proud he is my father. I believe all my other four siblings will agree with me! I love you Pang! :)

I thank God for His great love for me, for giving me a hubby --- Rujim and Miguel's father! His love for them is bigger than his love for anything else, even himself. He loves them next to God. (Well he keeps on saying he loves them third. God first, then me, them kids. But I doubt hahaha!). He'd give up anything for them. He'd die for them. I have witnessed that his being a dad to or children brings out the best in him. In his career, in his relationship with me, most especially with God. I just honor him for being a great Dad!

I thank God for His great love for me. For being my heavenly Father --- whose love is sufficient for me and is way too much greater than the love of our earthly fathers. Bless You Lord! For making me his daughter. For giving me the grace to be a strong, joyful even in times of suffering. For always being there. For making me happy in simple things. For so many other reasons! I can never thank Him enough.

HAPPY FATHERS DAY! Papang, BB, my brother Jong, Papawens, and all the dads in the world! :)

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Benjo said...

So blessed and making me feel so special with your honoring blog! :D

Your scrapbooking works are tangible manifestations of your love towards us, your men of your life. :D I am so amazed by how fast you can create quality and powerful lay-outs like these! It is like normal as breathing to you! :D