a life less ordinary

Every Tuesday, our brothers and sisters in St. Anthony community gather to celebrate a WORD. Each week we pick a single, new word from the scriptures, read about it, pray, share our related experiences and realizations.  It's always tempting not to attend our Word Celebrations considering the distance between our current location and the church. But it is always God's grace that we go, and are able to hear God's word. Last night, I was strongly tempted not to go due to an excruciating headache. But I went. God made a way.

I'm glad I did. Because the word was OBEDIENCE. The word is for me. For me and my family. For me and my husband. I recall the many times I was called by the Lord to obey. Most if not all of those times were sufferings. The  miscarriage with our first child, and then with our second. Finding out about our son's disorder. Buying a house and being so happy about it only to find out the house has no land title. Being forced to vacate a house we learned to love halfway through a contract (bringing us to a decision of renting a room, to be able to save up for our own house ASAP, thus sacrificing so many things)....These were just a few of the many calls for obedience.  But I praise and thank the Lord for these. Because through these, we get to share even just a tiny bit of Jesus Christ's death ... and resurrection. These experiences bring us closer to the Lord, and to each other each and every day. These make us stronger Christians. These give us unexplainable kind of peace... joy... happiness. These allow us to experience the presence of God in our lives. We live the truth that there is a God who loves, stays awake and takes care of us 24/7 --- never leaving us, making us feel super secure because at all times, He is in-charge. Indeed He always is in charge. He provides for our needs, even a little of our wants, He surrounds us with friends and loved ones, He leads us to little and big victories to affirm us, He grants us our desires.... His blessings are overflowing!

Obeying Him can be initially heartbreaking and painful, but ultimately, it is for our own happiness.

That has been our life.... for the last SEVEN years. Thank you Dear Father for these seven years of being in a LOVE TRIANGLE with You!

Happy 7th year Baby! I love you! Long live the "love triangle"!

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Benjo said...

Wow! Looking back through all these years, it has been a great and bumpy ride and I firmly attest that without God, we would not have pulled ourselves through! :D To God be the Glory and to Him alone! :D

Happy 7th and I love you too. Looking forward for more exciting life journe with you! :D