one day ...

Not so long ago... (actually just yesterday), there was a blogger who planned to show off what she thought was already a finished baptism album of her son. She was too excited and happy to publish it, she couldn't sleep (ok, that's a little bit more exaggerated) only to wake up the next morning (that's today) that there were still about 5 more photos (forgotten photos tucked in some unfinished album!) that need to be made into a layout!  Oh no! She just couldn't ignore the photos because those were much much clearer photos!

 She didn't know whether to feel happy for the clearer photos or be disappointed that the album couldn't be showed-off! LOL. So while in doubt, she decided to just show off the cover (hahahahahha)...

Which was inspired by  Sookie's challenge at Scrapbook Challenges and Create :)

With hidden journaling details... paper tearing, rolling and cutting techniques :)

When will the album be finished? "Only time can tell" says the blogger.


eMeLiNe Seet said...

So so Lovely ! wonderful way to hide the journaling :) It was such a SWEET TREAT to have met you in person ! cya' around :) Well done on the completion of your class !!

Edleen said...

Genevive! totally adore how you did the hidden journalling :)

Thanks for playing along!
will send out your RAK Prize soonest ok :D