thankful tuesday...

Guitar session with God.
Playtime, bath time, tickletime, silly time, with kids.
Us time with hubby.
Scrapping and blogging time: my ME time :)
Pancake time. They loved it! :)
Reading time.
Timmy Time! (my kids' current favorite!) LOL.
Bad time. Yes bad time. For some brief moments did have bad times. But it wouldn't be life without bad times, right?

Salamat Lord for what might be insignificant according to the world. But for me, these are special moments. Not in the years to come, for we'll never know what the future holds, but NOW.  Now is the only time I have.

There's another thing I spent time with today... PHOTOS! I'd like to share some...

Kuya having some fried rice with Patrick Star :)

Scrappers @ SG scrapmeet.

Goodies! 1. ntbk I got for submitting a LO 2. puncher I won in one
of  our scrapmeet games 3. trading card from Marix (thnk u
 Maricar! hehehe) 4. my RAK for winning Iris Babao
Uy's hosted challenge 5. primas, our scrapmeet giveaway
6. stamped cages (thank u again Marix!)
7. Nikki Sivils goodies for winning Pamela Young's hosted challenge....
Thank you SASG for being a venue for my having these eyecandies! xoxo! :)

Mini album for a dear friend, Cathy whose favorite color is, obviously, yellow. hehehe.

Thanks  for looking!
I didn't have a perfect day... but I have a perfect God.
Nyt! :)

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