Because I couldn't think of a title for this post? lol.

I had a great time at Made With Love yesterday! I had 10 girls+3 moms+1 brother in class.  The kids are all so adorable. I become so sad every after class not knowing if I'd ever see them again. sigh. I overheard one cute girl asking her mom: "Mommy, are we gonna come here again tomorrow?" The mom didn't say anything hehehe! I posted some snapshots of the class here.

And...here are some little good things I brought home from MWL last night :):):)

"make and take"

my GDT vouchers! :)

(Guess what? After my class, someone-cute-who-just-got-a-haircut took me out on a brief KFC date :) I love him very much, so after our dinner, I bought him 2 new pairs of chinos. I hope he'd buy me the new crop-a-dile hikhikhik!)

Today, I got busy with Miguel (while Kuya's in school for the last day of his school holiday program) and this...

Hope everyone will have a great weekend! XOXO! :)


Benjo said...

Hehehe... as agreed on twitter... let's talk about it later. :D I am glad you had a great and enjoyable class yesterday! Congratulations! :D

shaggyfish said...

wow, nice make n take! congrats on the class... sooooo cool working and sharing with young kids :)