Is it too late?

I used to be really intimidated with paints. I grew up seeing and smelling paint in the house because my parents' livelihood is designing and selling handpainted fabrics and dresses but  I didn't really give it a thought that one day, I'd be loving paints too!

If someone asked me then what I'd be when I grow up, .I'm sure I didn't have a sincere answer. (I think I was asked one time in a beauty pageant lol! yes I joined but that's another story for another post?), I so confidently answered: to be a humanitarian lawyer, because that sounded too cool and that made me land into the final 5 hahaha) I was to unambitious. I was too easy to please, too shallow. Very small things make me happy. I easily get satisfied. I think I was always too contented of life... Hmmmn... I wonder if it's all good to be that. I can never recall in my life that I wanted to be the BEST. When I joined contests, It was for the fun I had with friends and the prize money  I could get (I grew up poor but always felt very happy and loved by parents). Maybe that's the reason why I was always second place, vice president, assistant, 1st runner up). I didn't really strive to WIN. Didn't study so very hard before exams. I was always happy-go-lucky.... but not very lazy. Just did things to survive but not to be the excellent one.

But I'm blessed, because I believe it's  not yet too late for my DREAMS, for trying to be really GOOD at what I do. For knowing what I really want and what really makes me happy :)  I believe it's not too late to want to learn painting (already told my father I'll learn when we go home for vacation soon and he laughed! because he'd told me so many times before to do it!). I believe it's not too late to say that I love being who I am now: wife, mommy, daughter, sister, friend, teacher, artist (wannabe!). I still need and want many things, but If this is all that I am, and all that God wants me to be, I am happy and so grateful. I wanna be the best at it. I thank God. He is enough.

So inspired by these thoughts... and inspired by my father, Jimmy Badilla my number 1 idol in painting and a lot of things,  and Donna Downey, one of my idols in scrapbook world, I made 3 projects --- using PAINT!

... for Maggie and Sherwin's wedding anniversary

... for Momi Evev's birthday.

... and for Mare Cathy and Pare Noy's wedding anniversary.

Is it  too late to wanna become an ARTIST? *shy* :):):)


Jolanda said...

Hi,this is all very pretty,you work the paint so well!!!
Have a nice day.

Patricia Folchert said...

Those are lovely, so creative. Thanks for sharing with Scrap & Stamp!

Rowan & Angie said...

It's never to late to be an artist! In fact from what I see, you are very good at painting! I love them!

Keep it up!

Benjo said...

It is never too late, BB! :D The more that you enjoy and love what you do, the faster you will be able to achieve whatever you want to achieve! :D

Beautiful works and looking forward for the one to end up in my office cubicle. :D

Benga said...

Trully talented! lovely artwork you got there!
Thanks for joining my blogcandy!