Aside from prayers, my 3 kings, praise music, chocolate, glossy magazine, and KFC, there's one thing that lifts me up when I'm having a "low-volt" day...

A new notebook!

Yesterday was one of those days, after my sister went home to the Philippines after her soooo very brief SG weekend. It was physically tiring (going to so many places and doing as much bonding as we could in 2 days!), emotionally draining (being so happy seeing her with my boys, and seeing the latter getting too attached only to be left with sad goodbyes all of a sudden! so painful leh!). Woke up feeling extremely sleepy and down, Monday morning.

I was again tempted not to go for Word. But I whispered for "help". And before I knew it, I was in a Woodlands-bound bus. Then I was already in Popular. Then I saw this cute Japanese notebook at $7. Bought it. Transferred my important notes in it while waiting for the Word to start. Felt good. Sang and prayed with our community. Felt even better.

Today, I altered the notebook.

Used the extra Basic Grey's Olivia PPS and some ribbons from my MWL GDT kit for July, and my bind-it-all :)

How did it make me feel?  Best! :) Thank You Lord for the little things that bring great joy. I'm now ready to make my next project. Class assignment for August! Ciao!


shaggyfish said...

yah, little things make us overjoy! keep scrapping... and hope u feel better toooo :)

Margaret UY said...

this is Mine... mine .... mine... i super luv it!