BFF Memory Book --- Thank You So Much!

Every time I see this album, I can't stop smiling. Lots of faces and sweet memories come flashing so vividly through my mind!

Thank you again and again Made With Love for counting me as one of your privileged instructors. Sometimes, I still pinch myself and then smile from ear to ear living this dream, of scrapping+teaching+taking care of my kids. For me, life is not all about how many digits we see in our paychecks, it's being happy and being at peace and contented with what we do, on a daily basis. And I believe I should never wait till I reach 40 or 50 to do what I love.

Thank you my dear cute students for allowing me to guide you in making this "memory book". Thank you to my Mommy friends who dropped some other appointments just so they could attend my class and have a mother-daughter bonding with their girls!

Thank you Aida for coaching me in making this very first album I ever made! :) I will never forget those pointers: chipboards, buttons, stamping, twines, accordion... It was an honor to be tutored by you!

Thank you Sheryl for introducing Bigshot to me more than a year ago... It all started there :) Thank you to all the staff of MWL, especially Hani for being patient and helpful to me in my first assignment.

Thank you Khaye for the photo I used for this project. And to the cute girls in the photo.I hope to see you in my class soon! :)

Thank you Benjo, Rujim, Miguel for being my top 3 fans :) you are my constant inspiration and my deepest reason.

Photos of BFF Memory Book classes HERE and HERE.
Thanks for looking! 
I can't wait to share with you my next class! UP NEXT! :)


Jolanda said...

wow,this looks very beautiful!
Have a GREAT weekend,Jolanda.

Benjo said...

We three will always be your Number 1 fans in good times and in better times! :)

shaggyfish said...

bff album so cheerful and sooo lots of fun with kids!!!

Lean said...

lovely work great colours and many sweet details.
byebye have a nice week,Lean.