Negros Walk!

"Negros Walk is a walk for health. This is a historic 661-kilometer walk around Negros on foot to be initiated by  Jimmy A. Badilla, a 60-year-old granddad who believes that good health can be achieved through walking."

Jimmy Badilla (in the above photo, with my mother Flor Badilla) is my father :)  Today is his birthday and it is his birthday wish to stop smoking and live a healthy life. Thus, the Negros Walk. Initially I and all my other siblings were in doubt of this but we eventually supported him seeing this makes him happy. And since I'm a million miles away from them, the least I could do is to "walk" with them via my cross trainer! An hour each day till this cause culminates. Today is my second day :) Loving it! Please help us pray for my parents as they walk for their health. Thanks heaps!

Happy Birthday Papang! We love you very much!

You may send some love and encouragement by visiting Negros Walk in Facebook It will surely inspire my father! Thank you!

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Benjo said...

Happy birthday, Papang! Wow! you and mamang look great and very sporty! :D We love you! :D