the week that was...

so many deadlines.
Miguel's music class
iphone-less (and feeling okay, surprisingly hehe)
visit to Kuya's school.
Miguel's "Hi Mommy you okay?" many times in a day, makes me speechless.
Kuya spells RUJIM :)
RAK (Thank you Marix!)
"flipflops" party planning...
Bing and Parz suitcase.
my BIG BITE!!! finally! thank you BB!
new (torture!) planner for 2011 (thank you Maggie! i so love it!)
Min's package... yummy yummy my friend... thank you!
Negros Walk.
Fun class.
few sweet friends. some new. some old... treasures...
thoughts of my family back home
Abe's birthday. and wishing we were there...
Eucharist --- the most important thing.
lechon (thank you Uy family!)
and STILL so many deadlines!

But I'm happy and I feel so blessed. Lord, how can I thank you?

How about you? How was your week? :)

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