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Hi! In the midst of my insanely busy life, without hubby, (I have a hubby, he just went to Japan! lol!) I just wanna brag about some stuff that bring big smiles :)

...Scrapbook Challenges featured my "36" layout :) Thank you Sookie!

... Marix is sooo generous! These are stamps and some more cute stuff I got for winning her RAK giveaway :) She even gave me a pretty card :) Thank you Marix! :)
... Maggie also gave me some bits of what she won from Harmonie//ScrappersatSG... thanks Mader! :)

... And these, came from far far away, sent by my friend Min. I absolutely love the Can Make concealer! :) Thank you my friend. I miss you dearly.... I envy Benjo for seeing you guys this weekend.... Enjoy! :)

Now I got to go... Miguel here, keeps on nagging me: "Wear shoes... ride taxi... go Ikea!" With a very impatient look on his face.... I told them we're going to Ikea early this MORNING, now it's  already AFTERNOON  :)  FYI, we already went to Ikea yesterday to buy a white study table. But this morning when I opened the box, I saw RED! My bad. I didn't read the label very well... or maybe I thought all tables were white... waaaaaaaaaaa....

I wanna blog some more when I come back. Hugs to all! :)

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burache said...

hahahhahah!!! i super adore u burteliciousnesskeske!!!! how i wish im there so i can go with u to ikea! kita lang nga 3 ni kuya madate! in my dreams! hahahhha