private moments :D

I don't know where my mojo went. Haven't been scrapping lately. I even "forced" myself yesterday to get inspired. I read my supposed to be "inspiring" books, watched Donna Downey's very inspiring videos. I loved what I read and watched. But still I didn't do anything.

Blame it on my latest "business"? I've been crazily in love with this VITAMINS. I love it so much I wish everyone I love are taking these each and everyday! It helped me (my back pains, my arthritis, my skin!, my period, my *secret activities*) a lot. Okay, I'm stopping right here before you get so bored and think I'm  selling these to you (but why not!) hahaha!

Meanwhile, while I was cleaning up my picasa this morning, I saw these pics and laughed. Now I'm laughing again. HAHAHHAHAHAHA! =D

The story behind: On my 36th birthday, one of my friends, Momi Marge gave me a towel set. I found it uber cute because there's one mommy towel and 2 baby towelettes! So there! Can you hear the noise and the chaos during that night inside our little room? LOL...

P.S. Only those who love me have the permission to click the photos for the larger, clearer, and more embarrassing version of the photos. hahahahaha!

Have a great Thursday all... I'm off to Orchard with my bugoys and Mae. Planning to bring my camera :) and take lots of photossssss.... ciao! :)


Benjo said...

I believe the best things in life are not on material things but on the quality of time that we are spending with family and loved ones! Love these photos capturing the light moments! :D

burache said...

hahahhahaahhahahhahahahhahahaha!!! cute cute!!! hahahhahahah!!!! pinaka cute ang naubahan si uji! hahahahhahah!!!! kag ang pangadlaw nyo ni burtel nga super bungisngis!!! hahahhahah!!!!