recycled mini "gift tags" album :)


Thought I was having a great day until someone from the underworld tried to ruin it. It really got me for some minutes. Thank God for the angels whose names start with B, R and M... I got back to my senses and laughed it away!  I even managed to record a video with angel  M while Angel R was already in dreamland :) You just couldn't stay angry with them around....

Angels sleeping now except for the oldest (lol) who won't allow me to blog longer *wink* so Im leaving you with this:

...tags of the $5 tank tops I got from Cotton On :)

... recent fave: Ranger's Claudine Hellmuth semi-gloss paint! 


Lovely "gift tag" mini mini album! :)

Hope you like it! Proud to say, It's my original idea :) :):) Gtg! Movie time BB via my new gadget :):):)


Margaret UY said...

Very original... seen this and thought its very earth-friendly and genius to say the least. learned so many things from your great projects.

liza said...

like this!.. i second the motion... =)

@2Lady said...

Good idea!, be cute. ^^