Alyssa's BFF Party

You'd never believe how noisy, chaotic, and so-full-of-energy yesterday's class was. They all belong to an all-girl school, they all know each other, so there were no reservations whatsoever unlike any usual class when all kids do not know each other, so they'd be shy to roam around and make noises! Oh my! It was such a challenge... But I cannot also describe how fulfilling it is to see their happy faces when they finished the whole "fat" album as they call it,  to receive an sms from the birthday girl's mom saying she and Alyssa are very happy with everything, and to see the photos which captured everything... Most of the girls were saying they want their birthday at Made With Love too! :)

Here's Alyssa, in pink shirt with her dearest classmates ...

More photos HERE.

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